Wednesday, February 25, 2009

orange flickr fun

The words aren't doing so well at the moment. I start to write but the words that come appear like reflections in what was once a Roman domilla's mirror that has been buried for centuries and dug up in an archaeological excavation. I do, however, want to become better at keeping this place alive. For this reason I thought I'd do a bit of a flickr trawl.

My favourite colour is orange and here are some images I like. Hurrah!

1. by sunira 2. by hobo

3. by Karoline 4. by me
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Monday, February 16, 2009

in progress

deep vee in progress

Oh look. Here is a something! It's Eunny Jang's deep v argyle vest. Being Summer, the knitting has stalled but the sewing is great.

For Chrismas I made my sister a one piece swimsuit. And for myself a cute playsuit, a green corduroy kasia skirt and a button through frock (dark navy with a grey print of mini skulls and cross-bones, thankyouverymuch!).

Maybe one day, when I stop flinching from the camera, I will post pics of those things.

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