Friday, December 11, 2009

Davy Jones' Overlocker Central

my new bungalow, originally uploaded by elaine the pirate.

This picure, taken in the late afternoon, sort-of explains my absence (has it really been that long, how did that happen etc.).

I moved house, I found a new day job (starting in January), my current day job is out-of-control busy (think doing two peoples work during an already busy time plus being told to take SIX DAYS out of the office to do irrelevant training - training I would have been glad to do at another time just not NOW).

Anyways, this is my new bungalow aka Davy Jones' Overlocker Central. When we moved into the house, the bungalow had been empty for a long time. And prior to that, had been lived in by a heavy smoker. I know this because I cleaned the walls and ceiling. Were yellow. Now white. It was EWWWWW-worthy.

But it's clean now (aside from the windows - hey! I'm getting to it). I reassembled my table. and you can see lined up in the evening light some the many projects I have underway.

Not included in the photograph are the Bollywood themed Christmas decorations that my family and I have been working on. That's right, our decorations this year for Christmas Day are Bollywood inspired. I mean, how dull is a Christmas themed Christmas when one can have the glitz of the sub-continent?

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