Tuesday, March 31, 2009

you read it here first.

We've had deer, swallows and currently owls.

My prediction for the next animal theme is the very cute dachshund aka sausage dog. The above amigurumi dachshund is a free pattern over at Lion Yarns

This has (see Sub, I know some things about art. Are you proud?) Art Cred (capitalisation intentional) with the futurist painter Giacomo Balla painting these lovely fellows (see the below) AND they lend themselves to crafty type endeavours; easily recognised in a few simple shapes/lines, easy to stylise, transferable across many different crafts etc.

See! look at this dachshund embroidery over at Orange You Lucky.

Just wait and see!

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posted by elaine, 10:45 am


I love sausage dogs. My best friend at kinder had two sausage dogs and they were awesome.
commented by Blogger Magical_M, April 03, 2009 11:06 am  

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