Wednesday, February 02, 2011

February Cometh.

I made this shirt!

Like a densist, the recipient did not wish to show his head on the internet. However, that could be because of my uncanny ability to take dreadful photographs of people. I can assure you that he's very pleased to have a replacement for the shirt that was eaten by his housemate's puppy.

January was a fairly quiet month for me on the sewing front but I've been making steady progress on the cardigan that I'm knitting, done some small mending jobs, spent lots of time outside tending to the garden, cooking with the produce and adding to our household with four Wyandotte chickens.
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Hi Elaine,

What pattern did you use for this shirt? I am completely new to sewing and my biggest problem is not having confidence that a random pattern I buy on the internet will work. Should I ignore that feeling and just go for it?

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Hi Richard,

I made the pattern myself from an existing shirt. There are tutorials about on the webs that show you how (I learned at fashion school)

If you're worried about the fit of a bought pattern, make a test (toile) from a cheaper fabric (just front, back, one sleeve and the collar suffice). try this on and see if you like it. If not, make adjustments on your toile until you are happy, then transpose these adjustments onto the patteern and cut out your 'for good' fabric.

Hey presto! you have personalised fit!

tl;dr? just go for it!

hot tip? a sewers best tool is a steam iron. Press your seams flat after sewing each and your garments will instantly look more professional.

thanks for stopping by my disused blog!
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